MysTea is distinguished by its quality products, its specialization in tea but also by its exceptional customer service. Let us introduce you to the craftsmen of our company.

Anne is the owner and beloved boss of the business. She takes care of everything related to the management of the company.

Marc is the co-owner of the business. He also deals with suppliers and international relations.

Nicole takes care of everything related to the production of iced tea to be able to serve you our BubbleMystea.

Alexis is the one who takes care of running the store. He is the resource person for everything related to the MysTea organization.

Molie is the official graphic designer of MysTea. She works jointly with Sara-Maude. She also does customer service.

Sara-Maude is in charge of internet / social media visuals and marketing with the collaboration of Molie. She also supports Alexis.

Koralie is the youngest of the team. She offers good service in addition to thriving within the team.

Émile takes care of everything related to inventory management and delivery of orders to businesses or individuals.

Cassandra is an outstanding employee, with efficiency as a specialty. She also provides very good customer service.

Félix is the rookie of the team! With his calm and gentle temper, he balances the team wonderfully. Welcome!